NEW! Atelocream BB+CC+DD


The first such face cream in the European market – a comprehensive corrective-rejuvenating cream combining the features of BB, CC and DD creams. Rich in the highest quality ingredients that improve the condition and unify skin tone. Dedicated to women in a very wide range of age, it will satisfy both those who want to improve their skin condition and rejuvenate, and those who require their skin to effectively hide imperfections and hyperpigmentation.

This face cream reaches the latest biotechnology to directly and with great effect refer to the original Asian blemish-balm creams. It immediately nourishes and visibly improves skin condition. The latest generation of liquid-crystal-based oleosomes facilitates the bioavailability of the selected active ingredients. The pigments suspended in it form an extremely elegant, light and naturally looking make-up, covering everything we would like to hide …

It is ideally suited for women seeking multifunctional creams and for modern trends of subtle, minimalist make-up, in which we look beautiful and natural.


  • beautifying (hides skin imperfections)

  • lightening (reduces signs of fatigue)

  • regenerating

  • nutritious

  • moisturizing

  • soothing

  • oxygenating

  • antioxidant

  • anti-allergic (strengthens the skin’s defense against external factors)

  • anti-aging

  • firming (causes an increase in skin tension)

  • preventing loss of skin’s elasticity

  • UV protection


  • The world’s first complete multi-corrective cream combining breakthrough discoveries and innovative use – in one product: glycyrrhizinic acids along with hyaluronic acid, liquid crystal systems and atelokolagen, tropokolagen, pro-collagen-1. The composition is enriched with ginseng saponins and acai berry polyphenols

  • The oleosomal base of the cream is ideally suited to skin physiology

  • The collagen peptides contained in the product make it a complete cosmetic product complementing the products of the ATELO Gold Line – COLWAY.

The cream is available in two colors: light and dark. The appropriate choice of pigments allows the mixing of two products (for light and darker skin) in any proportion, depending on the needs, eg. changing the color of the skin during the year.

Multifunctional base of this Atelocream also works well with your favorite fluid, allowing you to apply two products at a time to enhance the cover effect. COLWAY’s Gold Series of products are synergistically compatible products, enabling simultaneous application of ATELOCREAM BB+CC+DD together with ATELOCREAM MC2, thereby enhancing the rejuvenating effect of products (recommended especially for dry skin).

Most important ingredients:

Glycyrrhizinic acid, hyaluronic acid, atelocollagen, tropocollagen, pro-collagen -1, ginseng saponins, acai berry polyphenols, tetrahydropiperazine (THP), d-panthenol (provitamin B5), allantoin.


  • Teens, adults

  • For any type of skin and complexion (both light and dark) Especially recommended for skin care with discolored skin, tired, stressed, with the first signs of aging and uneven color

  • Perfect instead of make-up, or as a make-up base

Right now Colway is adding a little gift to the first 5 thousand orders of this amazing face cream – a little sponge for easier application on the skin. We are taking pre-order for this product so please drop us a message if you’d like to get one for yourself.

Products will be soon available in our online shop in Ireland:



NEW! Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate


This is a brand new product by Colway International, which has just been released to the market today!

The package holds 7 x 3ml ampoules of high-molecular hyaluronic acid, natural Ecocert-approved Zemea® component, silk, copper peptide and DNA and RNA acids. It’s ideal for the care of dry, mature or tired complexion and it has strong anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effects .

Active Ingredients:

Nucleic acids DNA + RNA (native) – These initiate skin structure replication, activate cells, and have a strong antioxidant effect, protecting cells against reactive oxygen species and filtering out toxins. They expand peripheral vessels and restore circulation patency, thereby oxygenating cells and improving metabolism of lipids.

Copper peptide GHK-Cu – Composed of a copper particle and amino acids such as glycine, L-histidine, and L-lysine. Copper peptide stimulates the functioning of stem cells, increases production of collagen in the skin, prevents photo-aging, improves elasticity and evens skin tone. It also helps reduce wrinkles, and increases the skin’s density and thickness.

Hyaluronic acid LMW – Has a highly moisturizing effect and helps fill wrinkles. Contributes in rebuilding damaged epidermis, creates a protective film on the skin to prevent moisture loss, smoothes, firms and improves skin elasticity.

Silk – A luxurious ingredient that hydrates, smoothes and leaves the skin feeling soft to the touch. Silk is primarily composed of two proteins: fibroin (approx. 70%) and sericin (30%), the chemical composition of which share a great similarity to the protein in human skin and hair. Fibroin has the ability to bind and retain water without causing skin irritation, even in sensitive skin. Sericin (silk glue) is a protein that holds silk’s natural fibroin fibres together. It contains residues of serine, glycine, and aspartic acid. Sericin improves the epidermal barrier by reducing water loss through the skin, and is therefore considered a ‘natural skin moisturizer’. It creates a delicate layer on the skin’s surface, allowing the skin to breathe and making it feel velvety-smooth. Thanks to its structure and chemical composition, sericin can improve skin hydration. Furthermore, sericin also shows considerable smoothing properties, thereby reducing irregularities of the skin.

Zemea® – A plant glycol obtained from corn grains that provides great moisturisation. This very delicate, Ecocert-approved component is allergy-free, irritation-free, and has antibacterial properties.

Price: €24.95

If you register as a Customer you gain 10% off on all your shopping forever.

If you register as a Partner you gain 40% off on all your shopping for one year, then you can renew your partnership.

To read more and register, please visit Colway International website.


dr Slon’s Elixir

New arrival everyone! Spray with nanosilver. Sounds familiar? Well…


This product is a brand new introduction in Colway and you know what I love most about it? It has only 3 (THREE) ingredients (INCI)! : Aqua, Oxygen, Silver (nano). That’s all! And it is an extremely powerful product for treating skin prone to irritations, being very gentle and safe to use at the same time.

Silver has been known since the Middle Ages, not only as desirable precious metal but also for its strong bactericidal effect. Silver compounds are toxic to bacteria, viruses and fungi. They had been used to prevent infection, long before antibiotics were invented. Silver (axonnite) used in this product is manufactured in accordance with strict ISO 13485, intended for medical products.

A few words from dr Slon – the creator of this product:

This elixir has been studied in microbiological laboratories. Due to its biocidal effectiveness incomparable with other products based on silver, tests have been repeated two or three times on own initiative of the people who investigated the substance and could not believe in its huge effectiveness.

The study was conducted in relation to five types of “popular” bacteria and two types of fungi. In all cases the results were identical: 100% of bacteria and fungi colonies have been destroyed. The glass dish on which the bacteria were grown was completely free of microorganisms.

You can use it not only on your face, but also on the whole body, even on gentle membranes, spray into your mouth or nose, when you have a bacterial or fungal infection. I have tried it on myself, my husband and my 7-year old daughter and they are all fine, so I confirm it’s safe to use.

Application method: Spray the Elixir directly onto irritated skin and leave to dry. If necessary, repeat the treatment several times a day.

Available to buy from our Irish online shop Active Natural Collagen.

For Polish language speakers – you can watch an interview with dr Krzysztof Slon, talking about this preparation HERE.

Face cream with natural antioxidants

As promised before, here’s a post about Natural Face Cream with antioxidants from Colway International.


The first impression:

The cream comes in a dark brown glass jar of 60ml capacity packed in a recyclable brown box. It has a spatula for hygienic application. The cream has a light pinky colour and a pleasant very delicate smell. It is recommended for both women and men.

What the Producer says:

Beauty Care Day and Night Cream for both him and her. The perfect condition for the human body is the balance between oxidants and antioxidants. The reduction or increase of free radicals’ activity is referred to as oxidative stress. Free radicals first attack the cell membranes of the skin, including structural proteins such as collagen. The effect visible on your face is the loss of firmness, wrinkles and lack of suppleness.

Antioxidant face cream is a genuine bomb that will protect your skin against free radicals and their harmful effects! A concentrated dose of 7 natural antioxidants will effectively smooth your skin, strengthen its structure and protective layer, and soothe any irritation. Your skin will respond with good condition and it will enchant you with its vitality and young glow.

What’s it made of:

Coenzyme Q10 – supports cell metabolism and regeneration and has antioxidative effects; it prevents cell damage, reduces wrinkles, makes the skin firm and young, improves the increase of moisturisation and suppleness.

Vitamin E – strong antioxidant; it stops the skin ageing processes, rebuilds the lipid layers of the epidermis and increases its protection against harmful external factors.

Chinese tea extract – thanks to the polyphenols, it has strong antioxidative effects, it eliminates the effects of free radicals, supports regeneration, has anti-wrinkle effects as it prevents the decomposition of proteins responsible for firmness and suppleness. It stimulates cell division, which is why it has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces skin irritation, flaking and redness. It shrinks blood vessels, has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Wild Andean rose extract – rich in vitamin A and C, it strengthens capillaries, has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and shrinking properties, supports the prevention of skin ageing and is perfect for sensitive skin care.

Rosemary leaves extract – recommended for the care of mature skin due to its firming and antioxidative properties. It combats free radicals and acts as a natural sunscreen. It disinfects and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Sunflower oil – it strengthens the natural barrier of the skin, softens it and boosts the regeneration process. It has antioxidative properties, regulates the secretion of sebum and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Macadamia oil – supplies the skin with vitamin A, B and E as well as mineral compounds; it makes flabby skin firm and supple, stimulates microcirculation in the skin, moisturises and nourishes skin that is prone to dryness and flaking, helps protect the skin against harmful effects of the sun.


My impressions:

  • this is by far the most efficient face cream I’ve ever had! I’ve been using it regularly every day since August and there’s still about 2/3 left!!! Can’t believe it. Definitely great value for money.
  • application is very pleasant; the cream is very light, spreads smoothly on the skin and gets absorbed very fast, doesn’t leave that sticky feeling, instead makes it a perfect base for your makeup.
  • skin feels fresh and smooth after application, looks healthy and radiant. I didn’t get any unpleasant reaction and heard no complaints about this cream neither from my friends nor customers.
  • the cream regulates the secretion of sebum; skin looks fresh all day even with makeup on, it doesn’t become oily.
  • the only very little thing I would recommend for improvement is to replace the spatula with an airless jar with a pump, but to me it’s not a big issue anyway.
  • the cost €80.95 for 60ml might seem a lot to some, however taking into consideration how long-lasting this product is and what ingredients it contains, this price is not too high. Besides as a registered Customer you get a 10% discount, and as a Partner you get even 40% so in the end this cream might cost you only €48.57.

Available in all EU countries: CHECK IT OUT!

My sore palms…

Natural Collagen GraphiteOh, I’ve already forgotten that fabulous feeling on my palms’ skin when treating it with collagen… Now it’s back! 😀

I have found myself a new physical activity recently – wall climbing. Together with my husband (who is really good at it by the way) we’ve been practising this for a few weeks and recently more and more often. So now my palms are all sore and swollen… I knew that collagen is good for muscle pain and swelling so I’ve started rubbing it into my palms after each hand washing. And once again I was amazed! It’s incredible how soft your skin can be when this wonderful gel gets wholly absorbed! Such a small thing and it brings smile on my face… Your skin feels like a baby’s skin – so delicate, so gentle you want to touch it and stroke it all the time, with a permanent smile stuck on your face. That’s me at least… Man, I must look stupid 😉

So I wanted to get rid of the swelling and soreness, and I got this nice bonus first! Love it!!!

My palms recommend THIS to everyone.

Graphite for Hands


Kropla Zdrowia

I always look for natural, safe skincare products and now I had a chance to try a hand soap called Kropla Zdrowia – product of a new cosmetic line by a Polish company called Marmed Health Care.

Marmed Health Care is a partnership with 20 years experience in healthcare. They are based in Gorlice, Poland. Recently they have introduced a special cosmetic line called Kropla Zdrowia (eng.: A Drop of Health) which has three sub-lines:Kropla Zdrowia

  • Eco Gold Line
  • Ecological Line
  • Medical Line

The soap I have tried belongs to the Medical Line and it contains nanosilver and white kaolin clay. It is a product which doesn’t contain parabens, silicones, phtalates, mineral oils, oil derivatives, GMO products, artificial colouring or fragrances. It has been approved as a medical product of the Ist class in Poland.

This soap is recommended for use on the whole body. Thanks to its exceptional formula it reduces inflammations, revitalizes and regenerates the skin. It also has great soothing and mineralizing properties. The soap cleans the skin delicately, removes dead skin cells and closes pores. It also helps with atopic dermatitis, reduces sweating and excessive sebum production.

NANOSILVER – has great antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. It’s safe, non-toxic and it works like an antibiotic by killing over 650 pathogens. It destroys fungi, mould and parasites and it reduces inflammations and strengthens our natural immunity. It doesn’t cause mucus membrane irritation.

KAOLIN CLAY – is a 100% natural product. It restores proper pH of your skin, absorbs pollution and chemicals from epidermis, fights and eliminates epidermis bacteria, soothes acne and closes pores. It is rich in such minerals as: Silicon, Aluminium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, Nitrogen, Manganese, Molybdenum, Selenium, Titanium, Calcium and more.

I had a chance to use kaolin clay before in Colway’s “Last Minute” Face Mask and I loved it! My skin feels great after Kropla Zdrowia’s liquid soap, leaving it clean and well moisturised. I used it on my whole body when having a shower and it worked great. Even though it contains some Sodium Laureth Sulfate (and a couple of other ingredients which I’m not happy with) my skin doesn’t feel dry after use. It is recommended for normal, oily and mixed type of skin.

It is available as a liquid soap (500ml) or as a bar of soap (100g). Price 19.20 PLN for a liquid soap and 13.40 PLN for a bar.

I’ll have to try the bar and check its ingredients – they are usually milder and safer in formula.

Squalane – for thirsty skin

Squalane is one of the most common lipids produced by human skin cells which makes about 10% of our sebum. It works as a natural barrier on our skin protecting it from moisture loss and from environmental toxins. Squalane is also produced by the liver as a precursor to cholesterol.

Squalane is a saturated and stable form of squalene which makes it more stable against oxidation when exposed to air. Squalane breaks down slower and has a longer life shell than squalene. It is currently considered one of the most exclusive components of cosmetics and can be found in lip balms, lipsticks, moisturisers, lotions, deodorants but also in dietary supplements. It penetrates the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving an unpleasant residue on the surface of the skin.

Image courtesy of m_bartosch /

Image courtesy of m_bartosch /

It has many beneficial properties:

  • antioxidant – it protects the skin’s lipid structures against oxidation and free radicals
  • great moisturiser – strengthens the skin’s natural lipid barrier and lightly oils
  • hypoallergenic
  • has soothing properties in minor skin injuries and inflammations
  • recommended for anti-wrinkle products for mature skin which has lost its natural squalene content
  • has antibacterial properties – can be used for treating the symptoms of eczema

There is many cosmetic products with this ingredient available on the market. It is also one of the active ingredients in Ultra-Moisturising Collagen Body Lotion (300ml) – one of the Cosmetic Line products by Colway. Squalane used in this product is obtained from the best quality olive oil. It is a perfect carrier for biologically active fat-soluble ingredients which enables a good penetration of the skin’s deeper layers, thanks to its affinity with the lipid structures of the epidermis. It is also considered an ingredient with low comedogenic properties (it does not block the pores).

Applying squalane will moisturise your skin and help you achieve a softer texture and smoother appearance. Regular use of products containing this ingredient can smooth scars, reduce wrinkles, reverse UV damage, lighten freckles and improve skin pigmentation while fighting free radicals. Ultra-Moisturizing Collagen Body Balm