Atelocream MC2 – Biomimetic Liquid Crystal Cream


The latest addition to Atelo series from Colway which makes a beautiful finishing touch to Atelo anti-aging skincare.

Smart liquid crystal base has been enriched with biomimetic active substances and all three types of native collagen: atelocollagen, tropocollagen and procollagen.

It is the first cream in the world to combine three breakthroughs in one product:

  • biomimetics
  • liquid crystal system
  • atelocollagen

Exceptionally light and sleek oleosom base structure of the cream is perfectly compatible with the skin physiology. Thanks to liquid crystal combination of emulsifier/emollient of base components, biomimetic active ingredients work much more effectively than in regular creams. Therefore, biomimetic active ingredients and three types of collagen along with the portions of energy are released gradually in a controlled way and in extensive time, which minimizes the effect of uncontrolled stimulation of fibroblasts and counteracts the accelerated death of cells caused by the Hayflick limit.

Active ingredients:

  • atelocollagen
  • procollagen
  • polypeptides (arginine, lysine)
  • collagen amino acids
  • piperine
  • ginseng extract (Panax ginseng root extract)
  • a├žai extract (Euterpe oleracea fruit extract).

Biomimetic action of Atelocream’s raw materials means acting as a “lamellar promoter” which significantly improves moisturizing properties, as lamellar structures resemble lipids found in the skin. Atelocream eliminates wrinkles in the stratum corneum, nourishes and moisturizes.

Tetrahydropiperine (THP) contained in the cream is a stabilized derivative of piperine alkaloids derived from black peppercorns, which enhances skin penetration.

Atelocream MC2 balances energy losses through waking up and strengthening of cellular metabolism daily.

Atelocream MC2 helps stressed and tired skin which is vulnerable to the environment and ever-increasing pace of life. Thanks to the new oleosomal liquid crystal base, nutrients are being absorbed throughout 24 hours a day! Its 24-hour action will make your skin perfect when awake, even after a bad night’s sleep.


  • energizing
  • regenerating
  • nourishing
  • anti-ageing (eliminates wrinkles in the stratum corneum)
  • firming
  • prevent the loss of skin elasticity
  • moisturising
  • illuminating (reduces signs of fatigue)

How to use and advice:

Apply in the morning on the clean skin of face, neck and neckline, gently rubbing. In the case of stressed, very tired skin you can additionally apply in the evening, after cleaning the skin.

Suitable for all skin types. Especially recommended for skin care of face, neck and neckline with the first wrinkles and signs of fatigue and aging, as well as uneven colour.
Perfect as a make-up base.

It’s available in our Irish online shop:

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Natural Collagen Platinum – for wrinkles

Natural Collagen application - results

People have always dreamt of staying young and healthy forever or at least for as long as possible. Aren’t you one of them? When you noticed the first wrinkle on your face, what was your internal reaction, how did you feel?

What have you already tried to rejuvenate your skin and most importantly: have you been satisfied with the results and if so, how long have the results been visible for?

Botox and collagen injections are among the most invasive methods we can choose nowadays. Most of us of course would go for face creams with very fancy and hard to pronounce names of ingredients or visit a beautician every now and again. Some of these methods are probably good and might help a bit, others might cost you not only a fortune but also a deformed face for the rest of your life.

Bad news is that creams, no matter how sophisticated the name, be it a miraculous plant or a fantastic biotechnological discovery, creams do not fix the problem. They only MASK it. Most of its components are too big to penetrate the epidermis, some only fill in the wrinkles temporarily or reflect the light which makes them seem shallower and less visible. They also need stabilisers and very often contain toxic and irritating ingredients. Why make it so complicated? Your skin doesn’t need all of that! It only needs what it’s naturally built of: collagen and elastin.

Natural Collagen presents itself as a fantastic solution for wrinkles – it is entirely natural (only 5 simple ingredients), non-invasive, doesn’t cause any side effects and most importantly it works girls! Hundreds of thousands of women are a living proof of that. You only have to believe it, or first maybe just give it a little try and use it systematically for at least a month.

Natural Collagen Platinum when used regularly and together with a good daily intake of vitamin C, will restore balance into your skin. It will eradicate dry wrinkles (which appear because of poor level of skin hydration). It will also smooth mimic wrinkles making them much less visible. It will also restore proper elasticity and pigmentation of your skin. This is the safest and the most natural way, which tackles the CAUSE of skin aging (working from the inside of your skin).

Do you think you are too young for Natural Collagen?

Think about it for a moment. The process of ageing starts more or less from when you reach 25 years of age. This is when the cells responsible for collagen production gradually become less and less effective.

If you wait till you’re 50, you might of course significantly improve the condition of your skin and look younger, however many of those cells will have been dead by then, so do not expect a miracle to happen. You will not get rid of all your wrinkles and you will not look like a 30 year old again.

However if you start early, even at 25, you act in a preventive way. By using Natural Collagen you in fact look after those precious cells producing collagen. You “feed” them in a way, providing enough amino acids which they constantly need. This way you keep them alive and highly efficient all the time. As a result you DELAY the ageing process in your skin.

Would you like to give it a go?