Amazing properties of Shea Butter

Shea butter is an aromatic fat obtained from Karite tree seeds which occur naturally in the dry African savanna, from Senegal to Ethiopia. The tree begins to bear fruit only after 30-40 years. Therefore, there is very few plantations. Typically, Shea butter is extracted from wild plants.

It is widely used in Africa, not only as edible fats. It is used without admixtures as an ointment against stretch marks and in baby skin care, for massage of aching muscles and as a treatment for skin irritations. Shea butter is also a natural conditioner for dry, friable, split hair.

Ultra-Moisturizing Collagen Body BalmIt moisturizes and oils the skin well. It is rich in important nutrients, vitamins and other phytonutrients with therapeutic properties. Derivatives of cinnamon acid have a huge influence over the properties of this butter. These compounds have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and even prevent the development of cancer. Especially high amount of vitamins A, E and F in Shea butter provides the skin with essential ingredients needed to maintain smoothness, firmness and healthy radiant colour. The use of Shea Butter accelerates the process of healing wounds, irritations and inflammatory conditions of sunburn. It does not cause allergy. It is perfectly tolerated by all skin types because the combination of fatty acids contained in it, resembles the composition of the stratum corneum.

It contains the following active substances:
• Saturated fatty acids such as:
Palmitic acid (2-6%) and stearic acid (35-45%).
• Unsaturated fatty acids such as:
Oleic acid (40-50%) and linoleic (4-10%).
• Polyphenols such as:
Gallic acid, gallatanine, quercetin, trans cinnamic acid.

Thanks to its properties it is gaining popularity in cosmetology. It is used as an ingredient in the production of creams, lotions, make-up cosmetics, sunblocks, shampoos and cleansing gels.

Shea butter is a component of the Ultra-Moisturising Collagen Body Lotion, where carefully selected ingredients perfectly restore the comfort of dry and even very dry skin. They soothe irritations, eliminate discomfort of skin tightening and peeling of the skin. The skin becomes smoother, soft and enveloped by a pleasant feeling of comfort.

Trust the results of application research and use this amazing product that will help you take care of your whole body.

It is available in our Irish online shop.


*source: Colway Newsletter


Face cream with natural antioxidants

As promised before, here’s a post about Natural Face Cream with antioxidants from Colway International.


The first impression:

The cream comes in a dark brown glass jar of 60ml capacity packed in a recyclable brown box. It has a spatula for hygienic application. The cream has a light pinky colour and a pleasant very delicate smell. It is recommended for both women and men.

What the Producer says:

Beauty Care Day and Night Cream for both him and her. The perfect condition for the human body is the balance between oxidants and antioxidants. The reduction or increase of free radicals’ activity is referred to as oxidative stress. Free radicals first attack the cell membranes of the skin, including structural proteins such as collagen. The effect visible on your face is the loss of firmness, wrinkles and lack of suppleness.

Antioxidant face cream is a genuine bomb that will protect your skin against free radicals and their harmful effects! A concentrated dose of 7 natural antioxidants will effectively smooth your skin, strengthen its structure and protective layer, and soothe any irritation. Your skin will respond with good condition and it will enchant you with its vitality and young glow.

What’s it made of:

Coenzyme Q10 – supports cell metabolism and regeneration and has antioxidative effects; it prevents cell damage, reduces wrinkles, makes the skin firm and young, improves the increase of moisturisation and suppleness.

Vitamin E – strong antioxidant; it stops the skin ageing processes, rebuilds the lipid layers of the epidermis and increases its protection against harmful external factors.

Chinese tea extract – thanks to the polyphenols, it has strong antioxidative effects, it eliminates the effects of free radicals, supports regeneration, has anti-wrinkle effects as it prevents the decomposition of proteins responsible for firmness and suppleness. It stimulates cell division, which is why it has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces skin irritation, flaking and redness. It shrinks blood vessels, has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Wild Andean rose extract – rich in vitamin A and C, it strengthens capillaries, has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and shrinking properties, supports the prevention of skin ageing and is perfect for sensitive skin care.

Rosemary leaves extract – recommended for the care of mature skin due to its firming and antioxidative properties. It combats free radicals and acts as a natural sunscreen. It disinfects and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Sunflower oil – it strengthens the natural barrier of the skin, softens it and boosts the regeneration process. It has antioxidative properties, regulates the secretion of sebum and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Macadamia oil – supplies the skin with vitamin A, B and E as well as mineral compounds; it makes flabby skin firm and supple, stimulates microcirculation in the skin, moisturises and nourishes skin that is prone to dryness and flaking, helps protect the skin against harmful effects of the sun.


My impressions:

  • this is by far the most efficient face cream I’ve ever had! I’ve been using it regularly every day since August and there’s still about 2/3 left!!! Can’t believe it. Definitely great value for money.
  • application is very pleasant; the cream is very light, spreads smoothly on the skin and gets absorbed very fast, doesn’t leave that sticky feeling, instead makes it a perfect base for your makeup.
  • skin feels fresh and smooth after application, looks healthy and radiant. I didn’t get any unpleasant reaction and heard no complaints about this cream neither from my friends nor customers.
  • the cream regulates the secretion of sebum; skin looks fresh all day even with makeup on, it doesn’t become oily.
  • the only very little thing I would recommend for improvement is to replace the spatula with an airless jar with a pump, but to me it’s not a big issue anyway.
  • the cost €80.95 for 60ml might seem a lot to some, however taking into consideration how long-lasting this product is and what ingredients it contains, this price is not too high. Besides as a registered Customer you get a 10% discount, and as a Partner you get even 40% so in the end this cream might cost you only €48.57.

Available in all EU countries: CHECK IT OUT!

A real treat for your dry hands

Today I want to share my opinion about Hydro Hand Cream from Colway International.

It comes in a tube of 100ml, which has a classical white fresh look and a nice silver detail on it. Inside the box you’ll find a leaflet in 11 languages, giving detailed description of active ingredients and the effects of the cream.

The consistency and effects:

The cream has a creamy-white colour and is non-greasy. Very easy and fast to spread and rub into your skin. It gets absorbed very fast and leaves your hands extremely soft (a feeling of a delicate protective layer on your skin). You can use your phone or touch anything almost immediately after application because it doesn’t leave that horrible feeling of greasy residue left on your skin, thank God!

The leaflet says:

Our cream coats the skin on the hands with a soft layer protecting it from external factors: UV radiation, pollution or washing products containing SLS.

To be honest, this would be enough for me to try this cream as I have a very sensitive skin on my hands. Only one wash in the liquid soap makes them as dry as a paper! And yes, I have tested that of course, and I was very pleasantly surprised with the result!

The smell:

It has a very delicate smell which changes slightly with time. I must admit that at first when I tried this cream, a few months ago, I was overwhelmed by the first note of this cream’s fragrance – I absolutely loved it! However I couldn’t get used to the deeper note of its smell, that’s why I haven’t been using it for some time. Now I’ve decided to give it a second chance, and either my attitude towards that smell has changed or it does smell a bit different 😀 cause now it doesn’t bother me at all! hmmm… Truth is I haven’t met anyone who would complain about the smell of this cream; in fact quite the opposite! So the fragrance is very delicate but the first note is a bit stronger and absolutely beautiful (to me at least, as I know this is a personal thing… ). So I guess you just have to try it to find out what I’m talking about.

The ingredients:

Collagen – extracted from fish skin using a method patented in Poland, it is the only natural source of peptides, which freely penetrate the epidermis and stimulate the increased activity of fibroblasts. It is a natural, hypoallergenic anti-ageing cosmetic ingredient. It targets the root cause of wrinkles, i.e. the collagen deficit. It stops the ageing processes by moisturising the skin, regenerating it and making it more supple.

Xylitol and lactitol – they regenerate and maintain the balance of the skin ecosystem while supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria and destroying the pathogenic ones at the same time. The combination of these two ingredients helps combat skin problems that appear along with microbiological imbalance.

Teflose – prevents pathogens from growing, while simultaneously soothing inflammation. It effectively reduces itching and hypersensitivity of the skin.

Glycofilm 1.5P – thanks to its water retention properties, it provides instant and lasting moisturisation. It coats the skin on the hands with a soft layer and protects it from external factors: UV radiation, pollution, heavy metals and surfactants (SLS).

Hydromanil – gradually releases natural moisturising particles. Thanks to its innovative structure, hydromanil acts as a Sequential Delivery System for small molecules of moisturising substances, ensuring universal hydration: instant and long-lasting. With the ability to regulate the process of cell exfoliation and rebuilding, it improves the appearance of the skin by making it smooth, supple and soft.

SLS-free, paraben-free, not tested on animals, dermatologically tested.

Available here:

If you’ve had a chance to try it and you’d like to share your opinion, please leave a comment below. Thx xxx


NEW! Native Collagen GOLD

GoldThe latest Colway product is a true revolution! I have tried it for only three days so far, but even after the first use I was absolutely amazed! Since I’ve been using collagen products for nearly 4 years and I was happy with the effects, I thought my skin just couldn’t feel softer, even after an exfoliator… Oh… I was wrong 😀 When I first applied THIS collagen on my face, I just couldn’t stop touching my cheeks and smiling to the mirror like crazy… I’m absolutely in love with this product!

See what the website says about it:

“Gold Native Collagen is a pure collagen formula enriched with substances that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antifungal and general regenerative properties. It also demonstrates powerful anti-aging properties. Designed for people with problematic and hypersensitive skin, prone to discolourations, lichens and eczemas. Synergy of colloidal gold with collagen peptides acts according to the ionic pump principle: it speeds up the migration of active substances and exchange of microelements as well as stimulates the transdermal cleansing process. It prevents discolourations and has soothing, antibacterial and biostimulating properties. Lactoferrin, responsible for collagen gel’s its light pink tint, is a bioactive protein with anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties.


Colloidal nanogold (Axonnite) – acts according to the ionic pump principle: it speeds up migration of active substances and stimulates the cleansing process. It improves elasticity and suppleness. It also regenerates, intercepts UV radiation and toxins, brightens your skin and stimulates regeneration processes.

Colloidal nanosilver (Axonnite) – is an extremely effective, natural antibacterial agent. It destroys over 650 different bacteria, whereas an antibiotic usually acts on no more than 10. Axonnite nanoparticles are about 10 times smaller than viruses and about 100 times smaller than the smallest bacteria. The substance helps cure burns, wounds that are difficult to heal, every type of acne, insect bites, herpes and atopic dermatitis.

Azelaic acid – is used to treat the skin with acne, atopic skin, psoriatic skin, skin prone to erythema and with a tendency for folliculitis. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces discolourations following steroid, drug-induced, juvenile and cosmetic acne as well as herpes.

Lactoferrin – pink bioactive protein whose anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-acne properties are well-known in cosmetology. It blocks bacteria, such as those that cause acne, reduces eczema and inflammations, and also protects against bacteria and other pathogens.

Chitosan – acts as an excellent “dressing” for reddened, irritated and dry skin, which is a result of disease or skin lesions. It soothes, regenerates and moisturises your skin in a truly unique manner.

Retinol – is a pure form of vitamin A, regenerating skin cells. It also stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and has photoprotective and brightening properties. It smoothes out the colour, reduces callosities, has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates healing. It enhances blood flow in the skin and regulates the secretion of sebum.”

From now on you can get it from our second shop HERE

You have three different options:

1. Buy it at its regular price: €61.95

2. Register as a Customer on that webpage and get 10% discount on all your orders.

3. Register as a Partner on that webpage and get 40% discount on all your orders (so this beauty would cost you only €37.17) + get your own online shop and e-commerce platform which will be operated for you by Colway. This way you can also earn good money! If you’re interested in this option, please get in touch with me.

* at the moment this product is available only in Europe

GoldNative Collagen Gold

Luxurious treatment for your face, body and hair

Yesterday I took part in Facebook’s event called “Put on your face masks”. It was a day of skin indulgence and those who have joined were supposed to share a photo of themselves with a facial mask on. So me and my sister-in-law have gladly joined this fantastic event and fulfilled the requirements yesterday night.

We’ve decided to use Colway Gold Masks. Those masks are perceived as a luxurious face treatment due to gold particles (24K), and are quite popular in beauty salons. However you can have this treatment at home too because you can easily buy those masks over the Internet. Colway has a set of 3 masks in one package for only €40, and they are quite unique as regards the list of ingredients, which I will present in details at the end of this article.

Yesterday I’ve decided to use my business trainer’s advice and I used this mask not only on my face but on all my body (including hair). So in the end I got a safe and natural luxurious full-body treatment for only €13.33 !!! yay 🙂

So what I did was:

1. I put on the Gold Mask on my cleansed face and kept it on for about 15 minutes. Then I rinsed off my face with a lukewarm water.

2. Under the shower, after washing my skin and my hair, I poured the remaining “juice” from the mask’s packaging, onto my hair and skin, massaged it gently and left it on for a couple of minutes. Then I rinsed it off.


The effect I got was amazing! I was especially impressed with the effect I got on my hair: it was velvety soft and sleek like never before! That’s something I’ve always wanted to achieve and with my dyed hair it was nothing but easy. My skin also felt very soft and smooth afterwards. I will definitely use this treatment again!

Here’s me and my sister-in-law during yesterday’s treatment:

Gold Masks

Happy Golden faces 😉 (me still trying to put the mask in proper place…)

We look like two gold mummies, don’t we? My husband had a good laugh taking these photos, but we couldn’t care less 😉


Now, let me introduce the list of ingredients (INCI):

Aqua, Glycerin, Algin, Sodium PCA, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sodium Hyaluronate, Collagen, Elastin, Niacynamide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Colloidal Gold, Caprylyl Glycol, Lactic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol.

SODIUM PCA – occurs naturally in the human epidermis. Its role is to maintain the body’s proper moisture level. Pyroglutamic acid salts are used in modern cosmetic biotechnologies. They have marvellous absorptive and hygroscopic properties, drawing water from the air.

COLLAGEN – is a protein that constitutes about 30% of the total human body protein and as much as 70% of the skin protein. Collagen and elastin form a flexible mesh in the dermis, which adds elasticity and firmness to the skin. Collagen has an extraordinary ability to bind water, thus influencing the proper hydration of the skin. Applied to the skin, collagen extracted in helical form from fish skins is renowned as an extremely effective preparation which holds back the wrinkling processes by years.

ALOE – rich in valuable compounds, namely amino acids, including exogenous amino acids forming the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF), vitamins A,C and E, vitamin B and folic acid, which are all very important for the health of the skin, as well as micro- and macro-elements, including the most valuable: calcium, sodium, potassium, manganese, chromium, zinc, together ensuring proper skin nourishment. Aloe extract also contains enzymes and hydroxy acids to help remove dead epidermal cells and promote epidermis regeneration, thus naturally preventing skin ageing. Aloe also contains substances with astringent, mild disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. It strengthens the skin and restores its firmness, elasticity and healthy colour.

ELASTIN – a protein working with collagen to create a supporting fibre network in the skin, responsible for maintaining the suppleness, firmness and elasticity of the skin.

HYALURONIC ACID – it is a physiological component of our tissues, including the intracellular matrix of the dermis, where it is responsible for maintaining proper hydration, and hence for keeping it supple and free of wrinkles. It is able to bind up to four thousand times its own mass in water, and is therefore used in cosmetic products as one of the most valuable moisturising agents. It is also used as a natural film protecting the stratum corneum against penetration by toxins and bacteria.

VITAMIN B3 – stimulates the production of lipid components of the skin, such as keratin, filaggrin and involucrin. This makes the skin more resistant to environmental factors and reduces epidermal water loss. It also smoothes and reduces fine lines as it indirectly influences the production of collagen and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid. It improves the skin tone and helps fight skin discoloration. Vit. B3 also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes skin regeneration and is recommended for acne-prone and sensitive skin as it reduces the excessive production of sebum, the size of pores, irritation and redness.

VITAMIN E – one of the most potent of natural antioxidants, often called as the “vitamin of youth”. It traps free radicals, that might destroy skin structure, in order to prevent premature ageing and wrinkles. It protects the epidermis from excessive drying, halting the loss of elasticity and firmness. It restores the skin’s youthful vitality and radiance and promotes tissue regeneration.

GOLD – slows down collagen and elastin loss, thus contributing to skin tissue regeneration. In this way it affects skin’s firmness, smoothes the existing wrinkles and limits the formation of new ones. It moisturises the skin and eliminates discoloration, helps achieve a radiant complexion, full of brightness. Gold also displays an anti-inflammatory action.

Gold Mask box

Now, a few words how best to use it:

Use the product every 2-3 days initially. After using 7 pieces to bring the skin to the best condition, use the product once or twice a week for maintenance of your smooth, bright and moisturized skin.

Expected effects:

after 1-2 uses: instant moisturising and hydration effect, instant supplement of collagen, repair of surface skin cells

after 3-4 uses: gradual reduction of fine lines, decrease in size of pores and level of melanin

after 5-7 uses: visible reduction of fine lines, overall skin repair


Natural Collagen – Platinum

Natural Collagen Platinum – Unique Formula Q5-26, is a 100% natural, biologically active fish collagen which tackles the cause of skin ageing by activating collagen production on a cellular level.

This hypoallergenic gel is recommended for treatment of the face (including eyes area), neckline and other delicate body parts. It’s effective in revitalising treatment of mature skin, non-invasive face lifting and after plastic surgery operations. Can also be used after mechanical skin cleaning, sunbathing and as mask and make-up foundation.

Natural Collagen Platinum firms the skin, significantly improves its elasticity, brightens and evens out its tone and smoothes wrinkles. It’s effective in treatments on skin with such problems as: allergy, psoriasis, juvenile acne, broken capillaries, rosacea and skin discoloration (freckles, sunburns and age spots). It can also be used as a soothing gel after shaving.

Platinum 50mlEffects:

  • deep skin moisturizing and toning (effects visible after a few days of regular use)
  • smoothing mimic wrinkles (effects visible after 3-4 months of regular use)
  • delaying the ageing process
  • clearly improved skin immunology, compactness and pigmentation
  • smoothing juvenile acne skin scars
  • reducing broken capillaries

This product can easily replace many skincare products and it’s extremely efficient. For one treatment of the face and neckline it’s enough to use only about 0,3ml of the gel. A bottle of 50ml would last for 3 months in such case.

Available in sterile glass bottles of:

50ml – lasts for 3 months

100ml – lasts for 6 months

200ml – lasts for 12 months

Ingredients (INCI): aqua, collagen, caprylyl glycol, elastin, lactic acid

Paraben free. Not known to cause side effects. Suitable for all skin types and ages.

Application method:

  • wash face thoroughly
  • apply a thin layer of Natural Collagen gel into WET skin (2-3 pumps)
  • wait until the gel is completely absorbed by the skin (DO NOT rinse your face)
  • apply a suitable face cream to eliminate the feeling of skin tightness (which is a natural and desireable effect) – if your cream contains AHA acids, zinc or retinol apply it after 20 min. Colway face creams can be applied immediately as they are compatibile with Natural Collagen gel
  • for skin with problems (acne, allergy) it is recommended to use a special (prescribed) face cream – apply after 20 min.
  • It is recommended to exfoliate the skin once or twice a week for maximum absorption of collagen
  • For optimum results use Natural Collagen regularly 2-3 times a day

Note: Natural Collagen Q5-26 preserves its properties in room temperature (5-28°C); however it is highly recommended to keep the collagen in its original styrofoam package to ensure optimum temperature.

You can BUY IT HERE.

Causes of Dry Skin

Image courtesy of posterize /

Image courtesy of posterize /

Most of us has had this problem before. Unfortunately some of us suffer from it all the time. Dry skin may be an occasional seasonal nuisance, but sometimes it may indicate a health condition too. It is good to know what causes dry skin, so here is a list of the most common reasons:

1. Cold weather

When the temperature drops, so does the level of humidity which of course has a big influence on our skin. We tend to complain more about our skin in winter time, when it’s often dry and itchy. Central heating is no help either as it strips the humidity from the air which leaves our skin dry too.

Take extra care of your skin – use a good moisturiser and cover yourself well when your going out. Keep yourself warm. When inside spray some termal water onto your face occasionally.

2. Over-washing and irritants

Washing your hands too often and using irritating soaps will strip your natural protective hydro-lipid barrier off your skin. Use mild natural soaps and avoid antibactrial products. Apply a good hand cream preferably after every time you wash your hands and wear gloves when in contact with chemical detergents. If your creams don’t help try Natural Collagen Graphite which wil speed up the healing process of your skin and restore it’s proper hydration level making is smooth and elastic again.

For face avoid products which contain alcohol, try to look for delicate cleansers and remember to put a moisturiser every day. Don’t wash your face too often, twice a day is just enough.

3. Ageing

Collagen and elastin are responsible for maintaining proper hydration in your skin. Research shows that when we turn 25 our collagen production begins to slow down gradually, which causes not only wrinkles but also dryness of our skin. Look at elderly people; their skin is parched and they are more prone to dehydration.

Try anti-aging products boosting your collagen prodution, like our Natural Collagen Serum for face, body or hair & nails. This way you can significantly slow down your ageing process.

4. Poor diet and lack of sleep

Healthy diet is very important because your skin needs lots of valuable nutrients and vitamins. Make sure your diet is rich in fruit and vegetables, avoid fast food, processed, ready-packed food and always remember to drink at least 5 glasses of water every day.

Sleep is a very powerful beauty treatment especially due to the growth hormone (triggered only during sleep) which is responsible for cells reproduction and regeneration. It also directly stimulates division and multiplication of chondrocytes – cells responsible for collagen production in cartilage.

5. Health

Certain health conditions such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis may be a reason for your dry skin, especially if it is scaly and red too. Dry skin may also be a symptom of diabetes or an underactive thyroid gland condition. In such cases you should always consult your doctor who will prescribe proper medications. Additionally you may try Natural Collagen Platinum or Colvita. We’ve had cases of preople suffering from psoriasis whose symptoms lessened after Natural Collagen.