Irish Beauty Show, 9-10 March 2014

It was a crazy time for all of us. We’ve spoken to so many people, did loads of hand treatments and some facials… Everyone could test our products on one hand and compare it with the other one. You were all stunned at the results especially because in most cases we’ve seen immediate results: visibly lighter and very delicate soft skin. Imagine the results after a three-month regular use!

Here’s a few photos from the event:

Testing Natural Collagen

Testing collagen on one hand and comparing the results. (photo by Monika Foltman)

Gold Mask treatment

Gold Mask treatment done by Monika Foltman

RDS, Natural Collagen Presentation

Explanations, presentations, testing, treatments…

My friend and my sister-in-law

My friend and my sister-in-law

The organisers: myself and my sister-in-law /photo by Monika Foltman

The organisers: myself and my sister-in-law /photo by Monika Foltman

We also had a competition during the Show – you could win a set of our luxurious Gold Masks with biologically active collagen, hyaluronic acid and gold particles. The winner has already received the prize 🙂

Congratulations Denise!

Thank you all for visiting us there. Hope we could help and you are satisfied with your purchases.

See you next year! 🙂

*All collagen hands treatments and facials were done by Monika Foltman – Holistic Life Health & Beauty

Thank you, Monika!