Liquid Makeup Remover from Atelo Line by Colway


Have you seen this newbie yet???  Have you tried to shake that bottle? No?

When you do, you will end up staring at it in amazement, dazzled by the pure beauty of what’s gonna happen inside the bottle. I’m telling you! You should see it for yourself.

This whole series is a luxurious work of art. But not only does it draw your eyes to it and makes you gasp “wow!” in astonishment, but it also beautifully does its job as skincare products leaving it soft and delicate, perfectly moisturised.

One of Polish beauty bloggers has had an opportunity to test Atelo Liquid Make-up Remover recently and she wrote her own review on it. You can read it HERE. It’s in Polish though so mind that. However, she also included a short video of what is happening with this product when you shake the bottle, so if your curiosity is already quite high, have a look and check this out for yourselves.



8th March – International Women’s Day

YES! Girls, this special day is coming! Is there anything you would really love to get on that occasion? I would love to just spend that day at home in peace and quiet, reading a book and not having any responsibilities. I wouldn’t mind getting flowers too (hope my husband is thoughtful enough 😉 )

If you really love our products though, and would like to indulge yourself on that day, I have prepared a Special Offer for you which is valid till the 12th March!

With each order worth €50 or more (placed till the 12th March) you will get a surprise gift and a 15% discount voucher for your next shopping in our online shop.

How do you like that?

Happy Women’s Day, girls! Hope you feel very special on that day!


A few changes.

After a longer break caused by many different reasons, here I am back with fresh ideas and stuff 😉 So here goes the changes:

  • it is going to be more informative and personal, about wellness, healthy lifestyle, sports, not only about products in particular, so like a blog indeed
  • it’s going to be in English and also sometimes in Polish which is my first language and the home of our products too, so don’t be surprised
  • it’s going to be more often, I hope, even though I’m pretty busy, I’ll try to find time to write at least about the most important things and events that happen

Those are the basic changes from me.

NOW – Colway also has prepared a few changes! Or is planning to implement a few in the nearest future. Here you are:

  • change in prices! (from the 1st March)
  • change in packaging and design (in the nearest future)
  • change in one of the products: COLVITA.  The main change is basically getting rid of iodine from algae present in this dietary supplement and also doubling the amount of the product itself in one capsule – the price will not go up, it will still be the same. That’s great news, isn’t it? Especially good for those of you who suffer from hyperthyroidism or hashimoto.


Winter Sale in Colway International ends tonight!

Don’t miss that! Great Winter Sale in Colway International ends tonight at midnight (Polish time); 11pm Irish time.

Products which are discounted right now:

You can get those products cheaper now even without registration. However if you decide to register online as a Customer you’ll get additional discount added to your usual 10% off. And if you register as a Partner you’ll get additional discount added to your usual 40% off. So in the end you can get products for even 70% cheaper!

*to register as a Partner a symbolic annual fee is required. Registration as a Customer is free and requires only a few personal details.

You can register under this link:

Up to 52% cheaper – till 18 December!

Never before have we been able to buy Colway products so cheap. In Christmas Promotion you can get all products even 52% cheaper! To show you the difference, I have prepared two simple examples.

You can mix and match all products. Just make sure that at least one of the following finds its place in your shopping basket:

  • Native Collagen Gold
  • Native Collagen Pure
  • Natural Face Cream with Antioxidants
  • ColamiD


This Natural set includes:

(This is only my suggestion. You can create your own set mixing products from all different ranges.)

Buying at least 5 products gives you the highest discount. However if you order 3 or 4, you also gain a lot. Check the details HERE.


This Hydro set includes:

(This is only my suggestion. You can create your own set mixing products from all different ranges.)

This offer applies only to Partners of Colway International.

You can register as a Partner anytime, no matter where you live within the UE countries. Soon also on other continents. Click on the link: and follow instructions there. The registration process is very simple and it takes only a couple of minutes.


Colway Thickening Shampoo sold out within hours!

This revolutionary product introduced by Colway this month (November 2015) has sold out completely within only a few days, which made the company implement a temporary restrictions on the maximum number of bottles being included in one order.  What makes it so special?

Have you heard of diosmin?

This is a popular drug used in the treatment of various venous disease. “Diosmin’s mechanisms of action include improvement of venous tone, increased lymphatic drainage, protection of capillary bed microcirculation, inhibition of inflammatory reactions, and reduced capillary permeability.” I’ve found a fantastic article about diosmin on

Colway thickening shampoo is a product in which biologically active diosmin has been applied for the first time in the global history of cosmetics. Colway’s Thickening Hair Shampoo is the first one globally that contains biologically active formula of diosmin.

Thanks to its action, we get the possibility to actually influence the growth of hair right where it occurs. Diosmin causes the contraction and release of blood vessels in the hair follicle. As a result, increased blood flow occurs, which means that more nutrients are provided to the hair stem cells. The hair then grows stronger and its quantity is increased.

Unlike other products dedicated to hair regeneration available on the market, Colway Hair Thickening Shampoo acts not only during washing but also in between washes. This is because diosmin is a micronised solid material which remains in the scalp’s pores even after rinsing.  This results in better, long-term blood flow in hair follicles and a visible effect of fewer hair lost when combing – already after 2–3 applications!

A permanent effect of hair thickening is achieved after 2 – 3 months of regular application. This time is required to strengthen and nourish hair roots that produce new hair.

This product does not contain parabens, SLS, SLES or silicones. Therefore it does not have strong washing or foaming properties. It is recommended mostly for people who have weakened hair folicles and experience excessive hair loss. The product is not recommended for washing other body parts.

You can watch an interview with the creator of this product – Dr. Krzysztof Słoń HERE (in Polish).

As you may have guessed, I did not manage to order this product on time… I was too late… However, I’m planning to place an order this month so it will definitely be available in my shop before Christmas.

Product available in traditional Colway.

Christmas Offer from CI – Promocja Swiateczna CI

This is going to be a Polish-English post.


Colway International has launched a Special Christmas Offer in which you can do your shopping with even 52% discount! Offer lasts till the 18th December 2015.

Christmas Offer is dedicated to EU Partners of Colway International.
If you are not a Partner yet, you can register as one on the following website:

Benefits of becoming a Partner of Colway International:
40% discount on all products, no matter how many or how often you do your shopping
link to your own online shop where you can do your shopping easily, or you can share your link with your friends and earn money through sale.

Colway International will look after your online shop, shipping, invoicing etc.
Partner does not have to sell Colway International products if he doesn’t want to.

During Christmas Offer Partners get additional discounts which are added to his already discounted prices. Please scroll down to see full details of this Offer.


Colway International ma niesamowita oferte w tej chwili, w ktorej mozesz zrobic zakupy nawet z 52% znizka!

Promocja Swiateczna skierowana jest do Partnerow Colway International w Unii Europejskiej.
Jesli jeszcze nim nie jestes, mozesz zarejestrowac sie jako Partner na stronie:

Partnerzy Colway International otrzymuja:
staly rabat 40%, niezaleznie od czestotliwosci i ilosci zamawianych produktow
link do wlasnego sklepu internatowego, z ktorego moga latwo i szybko zamawiac produkty dla siebie lub dzielic sie tym linkiem i zarabiac na sprzedazy.
Sklep internatowy, wysylki, faktury itp… prowadzony jest w calosci przez Colway International.
Partner nie ma obowiazku odsprzedazy, nie musi rowniez prowadzic dzialalnosci gospodarczej.

W Promocji Swiatecznej Partner otrzymuje dodatkowe znizki na swoje zakupy, ktore sa dodawane do cen po jego stalym rabacie, tak jak pokazuja to niniejsze plakaty:

When you buy 3 products (including one of the following: Native Collagen PURE or GOLD, Face Cream with antioxidants or Vitamin C-olway), you will get additional 10% discount from the total of your purchase.



When you buy 4 products (including one of the following: Native Collagen PURE or GOLD, Face Cream with antioxidants or Vitamin C-olway), you will get additional 15% discount from the total of your purchase.




When you buy 5 products (including one of the following: Native Collagen PURE or GOLD, Face Cream with antioxidants or Vitamin C-olway), you will get additional 20% discount from the total of your purchase.




A short UPDATE: All stock of Vitamin C-olway has sold out. Because of that in Christmas Offer this product has been replaced by ColamiD.

Krotka AKTUALIZACJA: Caly asortyment witaminy C-olway zostal wyprzedany. Z tego powodu w Promocji Swiatecznej produkt ten zostal obecnie zastapiony ColamiD-em.


Should you have any questions, please drop me a message.

Jesli masz pytania, napisz do mnie.