Christmas Gift Sets from Us

It’s this special time of the year when we have prepared something extraordinary for you. You can choose from 10 different Christmas Gift Sets designed for particular body parts treatments.

Ordering our Gift Sets now you save up to 20% of the total price and also you get:

  • a set of goodies
  • a 10% voucher for your next purchase from our shop
  • a Christmas card with best wishes from us
  • everything wrapped and packed with love and care for you in a Christmasy style

You can get them all in our shop in Ireland, under this LINK.

So here goes the presents:



This is the newest of the newest products launched by Colway this year. The whole series with gold and atelocollagen to sustain your young look and keep your skin moisturised for 24 hours.

Oh! and by the way, that golden spiral you see in the bottle – it is NOT a decoration! It is a part of the product itself, and it comes out together with the surrounding gel! You can’t find anything like it anywhere.


Set includes:
Liquid Make-up Remover 300ml
Atelocollagen 50ml (face serum)
Atelokrem MC2 50ml (face cream)



Set includes:
Natural Collagen Platinum 50ml
Toner 125ml
Peeling 100ml
Moisturising Day Cream 50ml
Regenerating Night Cream 50ml
(comes in a nice Colway box)

*this is the only set of cosmetics which is available at this price throughout the whole year.
xset3DAY & NIGHT
This is an absolute must-have for the face skin every day treatment. These are the products most people start with and that’s when we usually hear their first “WOW”. If you want to find out, get it before it disappears.

When used regularly every day, you significantly slow down the ageing process, your skin restores firmness and moisturisation, some wrinkles disappear or become less visible.

Set includes:
Natural Collagen Platinum 50 ml
Moisturising Day Cream 50ml
Regenerating Night Cream 50ml


A fantastic set to use before a night out! Your skin will thank you for it. It will glow and feel very fresh. A luxurious indulgence for every woman.

Set includes:
Collagen Wash Gel 250ml
Scrub 100ml
Face Masks with 24K Gold (box includes 3 masks)


A luxurious set for your whole body! If you often feel that your skin is very dry, it itches, it’s lost its firmness – you’ve just found a solution to your problems!

Set includes:
Natural Collagen Silver 200ml
Collagen Ultra-Moisturising Body Balm


Perfect set for a silky soft and delicate skin. You will absolutely fall in love with the captivating smell of these products and with the way your skin feels under your touch!

Set includes:
Collagen Body Scrub 250ml
Slimming Serum 200ml


If you suffer from hair loss, if your hair is weak… this is a set for YOU. The shampoo and conditioner are truly revolutionary because for the first time in history diosmin has been used in a cosmetic to improve blood flow in your veins. When used regularly, you will notice less hair loss even after the first few washes! These products are quite new too but have stolen hundreds of thousands of hearts already. You must try it to believe it.

Set includes:
Colway Hair Thickening Shampoo 200ml
Colway Hair Thickening Conditioner 200ml
Colway Hair Mask 250ml

We call it First Aid! It will become especially useful now, in winter, if you (like me) suffer from very dry, cracking skin on your hands.
Additionally dr. Slon’s Elixir, which is basically thee-ingredient spray (Aqua, Oxygen, Silver (nano)) is a perfect aid for eczema and skin prone to irritation, and not only for this… the list is very long……
Aperfect pair that will fix your squeeking knees and ALSO rejuvenate your skin from within… Colvita is a freeze dried live collagen, with the highest bioavailability (nearly 100% anabolicity). It is also rich in vit E and micro and macro elements. Vitamin C is crucial for collagen production so they both have to go together.
Both products are 100% natural, freeze-dried.

Set Includes:
Colvita 60 capsules
Vitamin C-olway 100 capsules



A set of natural top quality dietary supplements to boost your immune system and provide you with valuable amino acids, vitamins and the strongest antioxidants that exist in nature.

Set includes:
Colamina (NEW product!) 100 capsules
Axanta 60 capsules
ColDeKa 60 capsules


A real treat for your dry hands

Today I want to share my opinion about Hydro Hand Cream from Colway International.

It comes in a tube of 100ml, which has a classical white fresh look and a nice silver detail on it. Inside the box you’ll find a leaflet in 11 languages, giving detailed description of active ingredients and the effects of the cream.

The consistency and effects:

The cream has a creamy-white colour and is non-greasy. Very easy and fast to spread and rub into your skin. It gets absorbed very fast and leaves your hands extremely soft (a feeling of a delicate protective layer on your skin). You can use your phone or touch anything almost immediately after application because it doesn’t leave that horrible feeling of greasy residue left on your skin, thank God!

The leaflet says:

Our cream coats the skin on the hands with a soft layer protecting it from external factors: UV radiation, pollution or washing products containing SLS.

To be honest, this would be enough for me to try this cream as I have a very sensitive skin on my hands. Only one wash in the liquid soap makes them as dry as a paper! And yes, I have tested that of course, and I was very pleasantly surprised with the result!

The smell:

It has a very delicate smell which changes slightly with time. I must admit that at first when I tried this cream, a few months ago, I was overwhelmed by the first note of this cream’s fragrance – I absolutely loved it! However I couldn’t get used to the deeper note of its smell, that’s why I haven’t been using it for some time. Now I’ve decided to give it a second chance, and either my attitude towards that smell has changed or it does smell a bit different 😀 cause now it doesn’t bother me at all! hmmm… Truth is I haven’t met anyone who would complain about the smell of this cream; in fact quite the opposite! So the fragrance is very delicate but the first note is a bit stronger and absolutely beautiful (to me at least, as I know this is a personal thing… ). So I guess you just have to try it to find out what I’m talking about.

The ingredients:

Collagen – extracted from fish skin using a method patented in Poland, it is the only natural source of peptides, which freely penetrate the epidermis and stimulate the increased activity of fibroblasts. It is a natural, hypoallergenic anti-ageing cosmetic ingredient. It targets the root cause of wrinkles, i.e. the collagen deficit. It stops the ageing processes by moisturising the skin, regenerating it and making it more supple.

Xylitol and lactitol – they regenerate and maintain the balance of the skin ecosystem while supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria and destroying the pathogenic ones at the same time. The combination of these two ingredients helps combat skin problems that appear along with microbiological imbalance.

Teflose – prevents pathogens from growing, while simultaneously soothing inflammation. It effectively reduces itching and hypersensitivity of the skin.

Glycofilm 1.5P – thanks to its water retention properties, it provides instant and lasting moisturisation. It coats the skin on the hands with a soft layer and protects it from external factors: UV radiation, pollution, heavy metals and surfactants (SLS).

Hydromanil – gradually releases natural moisturising particles. Thanks to its innovative structure, hydromanil acts as a Sequential Delivery System for small molecules of moisturising substances, ensuring universal hydration: instant and long-lasting. With the ability to regulate the process of cell exfoliation and rebuilding, it improves the appearance of the skin by making it smooth, supple and soft.

SLS-free, paraben-free, not tested on animals, dermatologically tested.

Available here:

If you’ve had a chance to try it and you’d like to share your opinion, please leave a comment below. Thx xxx


Up to 52% cheaper – till 18 December!

Never before have we been able to buy Colway products so cheap. In Christmas Promotion you can get all products even 52% cheaper! To show you the difference, I have prepared two simple examples.

You can mix and match all products. Just make sure that at least one of the following finds its place in your shopping basket:

  • Native Collagen Gold
  • Native Collagen Pure
  • Natural Face Cream with Antioxidants
  • ColamiD


This Natural set includes:

(This is only my suggestion. You can create your own set mixing products from all different ranges.)

Buying at least 5 products gives you the highest discount. However if you order 3 or 4, you also gain a lot. Check the details HERE.


This Hydro set includes:

(This is only my suggestion. You can create your own set mixing products from all different ranges.)

This offer applies only to Partners of Colway International.

You can register as a Partner anytime, no matter where you live within the UE countries. Soon also on other continents. Click on the link: and follow instructions there. The registration process is very simple and it takes only a couple of minutes.


My sore palms…

Natural Collagen GraphiteOh, I’ve already forgotten that fabulous feeling on my palms’ skin when treating it with collagen… Now it’s back! 😀

I have found myself a new physical activity recently – wall climbing. Together with my husband (who is really good at it by the way) we’ve been practising this for a few weeks and recently more and more often. So now my palms are all sore and swollen… I knew that collagen is good for muscle pain and swelling so I’ve started rubbing it into my palms after each hand washing. And once again I was amazed! It’s incredible how soft your skin can be when this wonderful gel gets wholly absorbed! Such a small thing and it brings smile on my face… Your skin feels like a baby’s skin – so delicate, so gentle you want to touch it and stroke it all the time, with a permanent smile stuck on your face. That’s me at least… Man, I must look stupid 😉

So I wanted to get rid of the swelling and soreness, and I got this nice bonus first! Love it!!!

My palms recommend THIS to everyone.

Graphite for Hands


Collagen rescue for extremely dry hands

As always when it’s cold outside or when I expose my hands to chemicals (eg. washing my hands too often), my skin gets extremely dry after a while. I use a hand cream every day but I’ve noticed that it works only temporarily. I’ve decided then to use Natural Collagen as I remember how it helped me before and it kept the skin on my hands in a perfect condition for as long as I was using it (or actually even for a few months longer when I already stopped using it).

Collagen and elastin are responsible for maintaining proper hydration of our skin. Collagen is also responsible for the healing processes – when you cut or scald your skin, it’s thanks to collagen that it heals itself. Knowing that it would seem only logical that Natural Collagen should be a great ally in fighting dry and damaged skin.

So here’s what I did:

1. I washed my hands with a mild soap (not containing zinc which is not compatible with fish collagen, nor SLS which is a strong irritant) I used Collagen Wash Gel which I also use as a face wash and make-up remover.

2. I used a gentle Scrub with collagen (Don’t do it everyday! 1-2 times a week is just enough)

3. I left my hands wet.

4. I applied 2 pumps of Natural Collagen Platinum and gently massaged it into my skin. For hands any type of Natural Collagen would be great: Platinum, Silver or Graphite. I used Platinum because I had it open as I use it regularly for my face.

5. I left it on till it got absorbed by the skin.

6. I applied my hand cream. (I use Elave hand cream)

Effect: silky soft skin in touch, dryness gone, hands feel amazingly delicate and perfectly moisturised.

I would recommend this treatment to be repeated at least twice every day for a few days and then you can do it less often, but try to do it regularly to maintain these outstanding effects!

*The pictures below show the results after only one treatment / one application of Natural Collagen Platinum onto my palms. They are true, have not been modified and have all been taken today.


This is the condition of my hands I woke up with this morning (even though I always use a hand cream for the night and during the day too – and the cream I’ve chosen is one of the best I’ve ever had!):Dry Hands

Collagen Application

And here’s the result: After Collagen Application

Now for easier comparison:

Before and After


And here’s the set of all the products I have used:

Hand Treatment Products

How to apply Natural Collagen

Natural Collagen Platinum, Silver and Graphite should always be applied on damp skin. Why?

Natural Collagen is not a cream as most of us think. This is a biologically active GEL and as you all know if you use gel together with water its application and absorption is much easier and much more pleasurable. Water is a carrier for our collagen so it helps its components (amino acids, peptides) get through the epidermis. What is more collagen has water binding properties which makes this unique preparation an excellent moisturiser! Those of you who visited our stand during the Irish Beauty Show had a chance to experience it by themselves and see with their own eyes how quickly their damp skin becomes dry after collagen application. All the water left on your skin gets absorbed together with collagen gel within only 2-3 minutes. If your skin is really thirsty it will get absorbed even faster (eg. when you apply it on scalded skin).

A few steps to remember:

1. Cleanse your face and remove make-up for instance with Collagen Wash Gel
2. Wash your face with water and leave it wet
3. Apply 1-2 pumps of Natural Collagen and leave it till it gets completely absorbed by your skin
4. Apply a moisturiser.

And here’s a short video showing you how to do it:

Jak Aplikowac Kolagen

Testimonial – Collagen Face Wash and Natural Collagen Graphite

Collagen Face Wash

Collagen Face Wash (Colway) is one of the favourites among our customers. This product is also loved by teenagers as it’s a very gentle face wash which doesn’t contain SLS soaps or other irritating ingredients. And what’s more it will last for 6 months if you use it twice a day!

Ingredients (INCI): Aqua, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Acrylates/Beheneth-25 Methacrylate Copolymer, Glycerin, Capryl/Capramidopropyl Betaine, Metyl Gluceth-10, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Polyquaternium-39, Panthenol, Solluble Collagen, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate, Polysorbate-20, Aloes (ALoe Barbadensis) Extract, Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Extract, Propylene Glycol, Parfum.

Graphite 200ml

Natural Collagen Graphite (Colway) is a natural fish collagen hydrate in a biologically active form. It’s great for joints, hands and feet treatments and for strengthening hair and nails. It can be used on the whole body or added to baths. It is also very efficient – for instance when used only on hands twice a day, a 50ml bottle will last for 3 months.

Ingredients (INCI): aqua, collagen, caprylyl glycol, elastin, lactic acid.

Paraben free. Not known to cause side effects. Suitable for all skin types and ages.


Here’s a testimonial from one of our customers:

“When I was a little bit younger I used to have spots on my body (mostly face, back and chest). I was using different medicines but nothing really helped, and then my sister told me about collagen gel from Colway. I started using it in April 2011. After the first use I noticed that my skin was surprisingly soft (almost like baby’s skin!). After a few days I noticed that this gel is really working as there was less spots on my skin and it made my skin heal quicker. I also had a chance to use Graphite once. I had nettle-rash; red and swallen spots on my body which were really itchy. I couldn’t find anything that could help me with that, it was late and I couldn’t go to the chemist. Then my mom gave me Graphite. I’ve put this on the swallen and itchy area and after a while it was better. Swelling and itching was gone. I must say that after 2 years of using Colway products I’m really satisfied with them. They made me feel pretty and more confident. I saw that this gel really works and I recommend it to everyone who has any skin problems as I believe it helps.” – Mary

Collagen Wash Gel