This blog is mainly devoted to one of the best cosmetic discoveries I’ve made in my life – Natural Collagen obtained from fish skin.

It was discovered by a group of Polish biochemists back in the 80’s and its uniqueness lies in the fact that this is the only entirely natural collagen product in the world (only 5 ingredients!), and it’s still in its biologically active form! It tackles the cause of skin ageing – collagen deficiency – by stimulating our own natural collagen production.

This entirely natural preparation, without any colouring and aromatic additives, costitutes a few percent component of several exclusive creams currently launched by leading cosmetic manufacturers.

This is a unique product containing several times higher quantity of pure collagen than the most expensive cosmetic products in the world.

The ingenious aspect of this is that, the collagen was captured in the vital moment when the protein helix “jumped” from the donor organism, into the solution. As a result – long after the fish is eaten – we have its triple-spiral collagen captured in a glass jar. These bonds are wound about each other, fully intact, just as they were on the day the fish was caught…

Natural Collagen stops the skin ageing process for many years!

I discovered this product in 2011 and since then I’ve been its devoted user, deepening my knowledge about collagen and its functions in our organism. The more I find, the more it fascinates me, so I hope to share some of my knowledge with you (as much as I can of course as the law forbids us to publish certain things unfortunately).

Apart from that you may find some general information about what to do in order to stay young and healthy for longer.

Hope you’ll find something for yourself here. Looking forward to your comments…



Website: www.activenaturalcollagen.com

Facebook page: ActiveNaturalCollagen

Twitter page: ANC_skincare


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