A real treat for your dry hands

Today I want to share my opinion about Hydro Hand Cream from Colway International.

It comes in a tube of 100ml, which has a classical white fresh look and a nice silver detail on it. Inside the box you’ll find a leaflet in 11 languages, giving detailed description of active ingredients and the effects of the cream.

The consistency and effects:

The cream has a creamy-white colour and is non-greasy. Very easy and fast to spread and rub into your skin. It gets absorbed very fast and leaves your hands extremely soft (a feeling of a delicate protective layer on your skin). You can use your phone or touch anything almost immediately after application because it doesn’t leave that horrible feeling of greasy residue left on your skin, thank God!

The leaflet says:

Our cream coats the skin on the hands with a soft layer protecting it from external factors: UV radiation, pollution or washing products containing SLS.

To be honest, this would be enough for me to try this cream as I have a very sensitive skin on my hands. Only one wash in the liquid soap makes them as dry as a paper! And yes, I have tested that of course, and I was very pleasantly surprised with the result!

The smell:

It has a very delicate smell which changes slightly with time. I must admit that at first when I tried this cream, a few months ago, I was overwhelmed by the first note of this cream’s fragrance – I absolutely loved it! However I couldn’t get used to the deeper note of its smell, that’s why I haven’t been using it for some time. Now I’ve decided to give it a second chance, and either my attitude towards that smell has changed or it does smell a bit different 😀 cause now it doesn’t bother me at all! hmmm… Truth is I haven’t met anyone who would complain about the smell of this cream; in fact quite the opposite! So the fragrance is very delicate but the first note is a bit stronger and absolutely beautiful (to me at least, as I know this is a personal thing… ). So I guess you just have to try it to find out what I’m talking about.

The ingredients:

Collagen – extracted from fish skin using a method patented in Poland, it is the only natural source of peptides, which freely penetrate the epidermis and stimulate the increased activity of fibroblasts. It is a natural, hypoallergenic anti-ageing cosmetic ingredient. It targets the root cause of wrinkles, i.e. the collagen deficit. It stops the ageing processes by moisturising the skin, regenerating it and making it more supple.

Xylitol and lactitol – they regenerate and maintain the balance of the skin ecosystem while supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria and destroying the pathogenic ones at the same time. The combination of these two ingredients helps combat skin problems that appear along with microbiological imbalance.

Teflose – prevents pathogens from growing, while simultaneously soothing inflammation. It effectively reduces itching and hypersensitivity of the skin.

Glycofilm 1.5P – thanks to its water retention properties, it provides instant and lasting moisturisation. It coats the skin on the hands with a soft layer and protects it from external factors: UV radiation, pollution, heavy metals and surfactants (SLS).

Hydromanil – gradually releases natural moisturising particles. Thanks to its innovative structure, hydromanil acts as a Sequential Delivery System for small molecules of moisturising substances, ensuring universal hydration: instant and long-lasting. With the ability to regulate the process of cell exfoliation and rebuilding, it improves the appearance of the skin by making it smooth, supple and soft.

SLS-free, paraben-free, not tested on animals, dermatologically tested.

Available here: www.anc.colwayinternational.com

If you’ve had a chance to try it and you’d like to share your opinion, please leave a comment below. Thx xxx



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