New Shop for all EU Countries

Colway is constantly expanding. This year it has brought to life a new parallel financial plan and new opportunities for those who would like to become a part of this fast-growing Company. Colway International has been launched. It immediately surprised us with the whole range of totally new products with unique components, some of which have never been used in mass production before! Both the products and the financial plan have proven very attractive and successful within the last few months.

The graph shows Colway International sales turnover from the beginning of its existence (numbers below mean “qualifying weeks”).

Thanks to that we were able to expand our offer towards all European Union countries šŸ˜€ Click on the photo below to see our second shop:

For those who would like to become a part of Colway International, the Company offers very high discounts and a chance to start your own business with an investment close to none and become very successful in that.

You can join Colway International in two ways, by choosing one of the following options:

1). Become a Customer

Customer is entitled to a 10% discount on all his purchases. (places orders whenever he wants and for as much as he wants).

2). Become a Partner

Partner is entitled to a 40% discount on all his purchases, however to become a Partner the person needs to do two things:

  • Place an order for the total value of 50 points (~ 4 products)
  • Pay the annual fee (normally about ā‚¬10, now till the 2nd September the annual fee is only ā‚¬1 + you get Collagen Lip Care for only ā‚¬1 with your first order, and other products later! )

Partner is also entitled to commissions, however in order to get that benefit he needs to show a minimum activity, which means that once in four weeks he needs to place an order for a minimum value of 50 points.

Partner also gets his own online shop and access to e-commerce platform. He does not have to keep stock or worry about organising shipment and invoicing – this is done by Colway International from their office in Poland.

How to start once you become a Partner?: QUICK START

JOIN US by filling in the form HERE.


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