NEW! Native Collagen GOLD

GoldThe latest Colway product is a true revolution! I have tried it for only three days so far, but even after the first use I was absolutely amazed! Since I’ve been using collagen products for nearly 4 years and I was happy with the effects, I thought my skin just couldn’t feel softer, even after an exfoliator… Oh… I was wrong 😀 When I first applied THIS collagen on my face, I just couldn’t stop touching my cheeks and smiling to the mirror like crazy… I’m absolutely in love with this product!

See what the website says about it:

“Gold Native Collagen is a pure collagen formula enriched with substances that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antifungal and general regenerative properties. It also demonstrates powerful anti-aging properties. Designed for people with problematic and hypersensitive skin, prone to discolourations, lichens and eczemas. Synergy of colloidal gold with collagen peptides acts according to the ionic pump principle: it speeds up the migration of active substances and exchange of microelements as well as stimulates the transdermal cleansing process. It prevents discolourations and has soothing, antibacterial and biostimulating properties. Lactoferrin, responsible for collagen gel’s its light pink tint, is a bioactive protein with anti-inflammatory and anti-acne properties.


Colloidal nanogold (Axonnite) – acts according to the ionic pump principle: it speeds up migration of active substances and stimulates the cleansing process. It improves elasticity and suppleness. It also regenerates, intercepts UV radiation and toxins, brightens your skin and stimulates regeneration processes.

Colloidal nanosilver (Axonnite) – is an extremely effective, natural antibacterial agent. It destroys over 650 different bacteria, whereas an antibiotic usually acts on no more than 10. Axonnite nanoparticles are about 10 times smaller than viruses and about 100 times smaller than the smallest bacteria. The substance helps cure burns, wounds that are difficult to heal, every type of acne, insect bites, herpes and atopic dermatitis.

Azelaic acid – is used to treat the skin with acne, atopic skin, psoriatic skin, skin prone to erythema and with a tendency for folliculitis. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces discolourations following steroid, drug-induced, juvenile and cosmetic acne as well as herpes.

Lactoferrin – pink bioactive protein whose anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-acne properties are well-known in cosmetology. It blocks bacteria, such as those that cause acne, reduces eczema and inflammations, and also protects against bacteria and other pathogens.

Chitosan – acts as an excellent “dressing” for reddened, irritated and dry skin, which is a result of disease or skin lesions. It soothes, regenerates and moisturises your skin in a truly unique manner.

Retinol – is a pure form of vitamin A, regenerating skin cells. It also stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and has photoprotective and brightening properties. It smoothes out the colour, reduces callosities, has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates healing. It enhances blood flow in the skin and regulates the secretion of sebum.”

From now on you can get it from our second shop HERE

You have three different options:

1. Buy it at its regular price: €61.95

2. Register as a Customer on that webpage and get 10% discount on all your orders.

3. Register as a Partner on that webpage and get 40% discount on all your orders (so this beauty would cost you only €37.17) + get your own online shop and e-commerce platform which will be operated for you by Colway. This way you can also earn good money! If you’re interested in this option, please get in touch with me.

* at the moment this product is available only in Europe

GoldNative Collagen Gold


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