Eyelashes regeneration

I’m so fascinated by one of the products I’ve been using for over a month, that I feel a strong need to share it with you, guys. It’s an eyelash conditioner from Revitalash®.

Revitalash® Eyelash Conditioner is a unique eyelash conditioner that will help you achieve the natural beauty of longer, thicker, fuller looking eyelashes. A very small amount of Revitalash® Eyelash Conditioner is applied once a day. No matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin or sparse your eyelashes are, Revitalash® Eyelash Conditioner can help you achieve your very own long, beautiful, healthy looking lashes.

And this is exactly what this product does! I’ve been shocked when I noticed the effects on my own eyelashes, which are now much fuller and LONGER! They look like the eyelashes I had when I was a teenager – healthy and revitalised. They curl nicely when I put on my usual mascara, and I even noticed that lashes began to grow on my lower eyelids, where I had a “bold” spot.


The product is a bit expensive but it’s definitely worth its price! And it lasts for a very long time as you need only a very tiny amount for one application. It should be applied once a day.

You can get it from www.bellaperm.ie (cost €80).

I think it would make a fantastic Christmas present! I absolutely lllove it! ❤




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