Native Collagen – Pure

Native Collagen PureColway is introducing new highly advanced in biotechnology products, which will open the gate for the upcoming parallel project called Colway International. So far we already have 4 new products:

  • Native Collagen Pure
  • Collagen Lip Care (set of 3 lipsticks)
  • CollamiD (dietary supplement with vit D3)
  • Collaceina (dietary supplement with colostrum and synbiotics)

Today I’ll tell you more about the first product from the list:

Native Collagen – Pure.

Native collagens are new generation products in the family of methods of directly extracting collagen from fish skin at the molecular phase of formation, which have been developed in Poland. It is a revolutionary method in cosmetology as biologically active forms of collagen were not known before. Natural peptides forming collagen helices in a native form were previously only found in living organisms. Polish molecular collagens were known as a wonder only in Central Europe, because they underwent denaturation at 28°C.

Native Collagen Pure is the first product of Polish new fish collagens characterised by temperature resistance and pH of about 5.3, which is ideal for the skin. Fish collagen hydrates have been declared the most natural and also have the simplest possible INCI composition of all anti-aging cosmetics in the world. For several years, they have had outstanding success, forcing their way to the most demanding European clients. The product is dedicated to those who expect skin cosmetics to effectively delay the formation of new wrinkles. Recommended for face, neck and cleavage, it is also useful for the whole body, particularly for burns and slight skin defects.

Skin aging and the formation of wrinkles is caused primarily by a progressing deficit of collagen. Therefore, unlike all other cosmetics, our product does not aim at reducing the effects – it addresses the very cause. It is collagen in its purest form. Its peptides stimulate fibroblasts, the body’s collagen production plant, to proliferate and show increased activity.

Native Collagen Pure makes the skin smooth, plump and elastic immediately after application. Regular use delays the formation of new wrinkles for many years.

Effectiveness and properties:

Native Collagen Pure is absorbed in the skin and rebuilds its protein structure. Application of the gel may cause a so called tight-skin sensation which can be easily eliminated by applying a daily care cream, however not earlier than about 10 minutes after application. Regular use makes the skin firm and accelerates collagen synthesis in fibroblasts – collagen-producing cells. The therapeutic effect on burns and bites occurs quickly. A lasting effect on revitalisation and reduction of vascular defects is seen after about 110 days of regular use. This is the time needed for complete remodelling of collagen structure in the skin. The process cannot be accelerated by more frequent applications or by applying greater amounts of the gel. The effect of native collagen on scars and stretch marks requires patience which will be amply rewarded. Native Collagen does not eliminate old scars but it makes them softer and decolorised.

Unique method of extraction:

Polish collagen hydrates are extracted directly from fish skins at the molecular stage of protein synthesis. This unique method is not known in any other part of the world. Evolutionarily, it is only a tertiary collagen, while the world of cosmetology knows only collagen in the form of fibrous hydrolysates or  cattle collagen fibrils – the high molecular weight protein which is unable to cross the protective barrier of epidermis.

The product is also a wonder because it retains helical conformation, i.e. the form of a native, live protein, for years, even outside of the body of the donor fish, when kept in a glass bottle. In Polish new generation collagens, the triple helix has been subjected to controlled dissimilation to single helices, which allowed achieving a collagen gel resistant to thermal despiralisation through a physical process. Polish collagen is biologically active, while retaining its native form. It allows supplementing the skin with a protein of youthfulness, gradually and in a non-invasive manner, without the need for implantation.

The product has a natural colour and fragrance characteristic for organic products. Individual batches of collagen may differ in colour and viscosity, which is typical of natural products.

The fish collagen hydrate extracted using this technology is the only natural protein gel in the world which consistency has not been achieved using thickening agents such as carbomer. Nor is it a hydrolysate – a form of gelatin. It is an evolutionarily natural form of the substance – collagen molecules that bind water just like in the natural environment. This is why this collagen is called native.

SOON in our online shop. Please contact us for details.

  • Consistency: pure colourless gel
  • Smell: none/organic
  • Capacity: 50ml (airless glass bottle)
  • Efficiency: approx. 3 months
  • Retail price: €50.00

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