My sore palms…

Natural Collagen GraphiteOh, I’ve already forgotten that fabulous feeling on my palms’ skin when treating it with collagen… Now it’s back! 😀

I have found myself a new physical activity recently – wall climbing. Together with my husband (who is really good at it by the way) we’ve been practising this for a few weeks and recently more and more often. So now my palms are all sore and swollen… I knew that collagen is good for muscle pain and swelling so I’ve started rubbing it into my palms after each hand washing. And once again I was amazed! It’s incredible how soft your skin can be when this wonderful gel gets wholly absorbed! Such a small thing and it brings smile on my face… Your skin feels like a baby’s skin – so delicate, so gentle you want to touch it and stroke it all the time, with a permanent smile stuck on your face. That’s me at least… Man, I must look stupid 😉

So I wanted to get rid of the swelling and soreness, and I got this nice bonus first! Love it!!!

My palms recommend THIS to everyone.

Graphite for Hands



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