Why does your organism need amino-acid supplementation?

Diet supplementation will not replace our balanced diet, however it will enrich it with valuable nutrients which our food have lost.

Why does your organism need amino-acid supplementation?

Amino-acids are the building blocks of all proteins in our body. Substances which have physiological activities, crucial for proper function of our organism, are also formed from amino-acids. They have anabolic and anti-catabolic properties and they strongly stimulate our hormonal system. After physical exercises amino-acids accelerate muscle regeneration, and on certain occasions they become energetic materials. Some of them play an important role in fat tissue breakdown processes and also in strengthening our immune system.
COLVITA® is a dietary supplement introduced by Colway, which is a rich source of amino-acids, such as:

ColvitaGlycine – crucial for the growth hormone, it stimulates the production of red blood cells and keratin (which affects the condition and appearance of our skin). It also improves the condition of our muscles and plays a key role in the optimisation of bile acids production. Glycine also has anti-stress properties.

Proline – improves the condition of collagen and elastin fibres, ligaments, cartilage and cardiac muscle. It also speeds up the wound healing process and tissue regeneration.

Lysine – improves immune system, plays an important role in the formation of tissues, cartilage, hormones and enzymes, facilitates calcium absorption in bones and protects against viruses.

Alanine – regulates glucose metabolism in muscles.

Tyrosine – produces thyroid hormone, aids in pituitary and adrenal glands function; works as an antidepressant and supports the treatment of insomnia.

Arginine – widens blood vessels, stimulates tissue growth (including muscle tissue), increases the level of insulin and testosterone and strengthens our vital force.

Methionine – detoxifies blood during pregnancy, degreases liver and cleanses kidneys, helps in treatment of rheumatism and osteoporosis and lowers the level of bad cholesterol.

Glutamine – improves memory and concentration and supports our nervous system functions.

Histidine – is important in the process of red blood cells production and formation of muscle tissue, especially important as a nutritious ingredient of teenagers’ diet.

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*source: Colway Newsletter


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