How to apply Natural Collagen

Natural Collagen Platinum, Silver and Graphite should always be applied on damp skin. Why?

Natural Collagen is not a cream as most of us think. This is a biologically active GEL and as you all know if you use gel together with water its application and absorption is much easier and much more pleasurable. Water is a carrier for our collagen so it helps its components (amino acids, peptides) get through the epidermis. What is more collagen has water binding properties which makes this unique preparation an excellent moisturiser! Those of you who visited our stand during the Irish Beauty Show had a chance to experience it by themselves and see with their own eyes how quickly their damp skin becomes dry after collagen application. All the water left on your skin gets absorbed together with collagen gel within only 2-3 minutes. If your skin is really thirsty it will get absorbed even faster (eg. when you apply it on scalded skin).

A few steps to remember:

1. Cleanse your face and remove make-up for instance with Collagen Wash Gel
2. Wash your face with water and leave it wet
3. Apply 1-2 pumps of Natural Collagen and leave it till it gets completely absorbed by your skin
4. Apply a moisturiser.

And here’s a short video showing you how to do it:

Jak Aplikowac Kolagen


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