Ozone baths

Ozone (O3) is a pale blue gas with a characteristic sharp smell. It is formed from dioxygen thanks to ultraviolet light but also during atmospheric electrical discharges; you can actually smell it in the air after a thunder storm. It is a natural component of our atmosphere.

It has been known and used in medicine since the last century due to its scientifically proven bactericidal, fungicidal and vericidal properties. It is administered either intravenously or by ozone steam baths.

“Over a period of 20-30 minutes, ozone breaks down into two atoms of regular oxygen by giving up one atom of singlet oxygen (O). This singlet oxygen is a powerful oxidizing agent. When ozone enters the bloodstream and separates into O2 and O, the healthy cells, armed with antioxidants, absorb the O2 and repel the O, which zeroes in on the diseased cells and neutralizes them. At one shot then, ozone nourishes healthy cells and destroys malfunctioning ones. Ozone therapy, thus, provides all the benefits of oxygen therapy—which is believed to have anti-aging properties, improves body functioning and promotes longevity by preventing cell death.” – /’Ozone Therapy – Healing with love and fresh ozone by Suma Varughese‘/

Pearl ozone baths are extremely beneficial for our skin because ozone:

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Boosts circulation in peripheral blood vessels, relieving pain and speeding healing

Three ozone baths a week would be enough to revitalise your skin and significantly improve its condition.

Ozone baths are also extremely helpful for muscle pains – they relax and loosen muscles and oxidize lactic acid, which is produced during physical activities, preventing soreness the next day.

It has been noticed that pearl ozone baths work very well with Natural Collagen increasing its absorption through the skin. It is advised to use 30-50ml of Natural Collagen Silver or Graphite per bathtub  of warm water (preferably 30°C). It may seem a lot for just one bath, however only one such luxurious relaxing treatment would give your whole body results similar to over a dozen of regular daily applications on the skin (especially if you use a gentle peeling before).


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