Collagen for your hair

Image courtesy of marin /

Image courtesy of marin /

Most of us think that collagen is only for wrinkles, while the truth is that our body as an organism is literally “swimming” in collagen! It is also present in our hair and is mainly responsible for its healthy, smooth and moisturised look.

Each bulb of your hair is surrounded by the net of collagen fibres. This is where it connects to micro-vessels which deliver valuable nutrients to your hair. As we age however the collagen net becomes weaker and not as effective as it was before. This is reflected in the condition of our hair: weak, dry, dull, fizzy…

Many hair salons offer collagen treatments for hair. Sprays, creams or oils are among the most commonly used, but the results of most of those treatments are only temporary. You can achieve long-term results only when you work on the skin surface and when you use products with transdermal ingredients; able to penetrate the epidermis which can reach close to the bulbs of your hair.

Collagen in our hair serum possesses its intact helical structure (exactly the same as on a living fish). This spiral of amino acids and peptides breaks down by the warmth of your skin making those tiny components available to penetrate the skin. They immediately enrich the extracellular space stimulating your own existing cells to produce more collagen. As a result you hair becomes:

  • healthy-looking
  • better moisturised
  • silky soft
  • smoother
  • stronger

How to use Natural Collagen Graphite:

  1. Wash you hair with a shampoo.
  2. Use hair conditioner (optional).
  3. Using small amounts, gently rub Natural Collagen gel into the wet skin on your head.
  4. Leave it for about 15 minutes.
  5. You can either rinse it off then, or you can leave it as is and dry your hair.

Use regularly every time you wash your hair and make sure your daily intake of vitamin C is sufficient as it is a crucial factor during collagen formation process.


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