Causes of Dry Skin

Image courtesy of posterize /

Image courtesy of posterize /

Most of us has had this problem before. Unfortunately some of us suffer from it all the time. Dry skin may be an occasional seasonal nuisance, but sometimes it may indicate a health condition too. It is good to know what causes dry skin, so here is a list of the most common reasons:

1. Cold weather

When the temperature drops, so does the level of humidity which of course has a big influence on our skin. We tend to complain more about our skin in winter time, when it’s often dry and itchy. Central heating is no help either as it strips the humidity from the air which leaves our skin dry too.

Take extra care of your skin – use a good moisturiser and cover yourself well when your going out. Keep yourself warm. When inside spray some termal water onto your face occasionally.

2. Over-washing and irritants

Washing your hands too often and using irritating soaps will strip your natural protective hydro-lipid barrier off your skin. Use mild natural soaps and avoid antibactrial products. Apply a good hand cream preferably after every time you wash your hands and wear gloves when in contact with chemical detergents. If your creams don’t help try Natural Collagen Graphite which wil speed up the healing process of your skin and restore it’s proper hydration level making is smooth and elastic again.

For face avoid products which contain alcohol, try to look for delicate cleansers and remember to put a moisturiser every day. Don’t wash your face too often, twice a day is just enough.

3. Ageing

Collagen and elastin are responsible for maintaining proper hydration in your skin. Research shows that when we turn 25 our collagen production begins to slow down gradually, which causes not only wrinkles but also dryness of our skin. Look at elderly people; their skin is parched and they are more prone to dehydration.

Try anti-aging products boosting your collagen prodution, like our Natural Collagen Serum for face, body or hair & nails. This way you can significantly slow down your ageing process.

4. Poor diet and lack of sleep

Healthy diet is very important because your skin needs lots of valuable nutrients and vitamins. Make sure your diet is rich in fruit and vegetables, avoid fast food, processed, ready-packed food and always remember to drink at least 5 glasses of water every day.

Sleep is a very powerful beauty treatment especially due to the growth hormone (triggered only during sleep) which is responsible for cells reproduction and regeneration. It also directly stimulates division and multiplication of chondrocytes – cells responsible for collagen production in cartilage.

5. Health

Certain health conditions such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis may be a reason for your dry skin, especially if it is scaly and red too. Dry skin may also be a symptom of diabetes or an underactive thyroid gland condition. In such cases you should always consult your doctor who will prescribe proper medications. Additionally you may try Natural Collagen Platinum or Colvita. We’ve had cases of preople suffering from psoriasis whose symptoms lessened after Natural Collagen.


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