Juice or natural supplement?

How often do you get advise to drink plenty of orange juice when you’ve got a cold? Eat fruit, remember about vit C etc…
That means doctors DO believe in natural methods to help your immune system, right? Why is there so much disbelief in natural supplements though?

There is about 50-100mg of vit C in one orange (depending on how big the orange is). But remember that you’d have to eat them freshly picked from the tree which for obvious reasons is not gonna happen if you live in Ireland. Fruit loose loads of nutricional values in transit.

How many oranges would you be able to eat a day?
How many glasses of orange juice are you able to drink a day?

If you’re not sure, but you want to know how much vitamin C you are actually taking a day, consider trying the capsules.

One capsule of our vitamin C contains 200mg of vitamin C. It is nothing else than powdered bitter orange (inedible as a fruit) and germinating buckwheat seeds. Nothing artificial, nothing synthetic and no sugars. It is 100% natural levorotatory vitamin C rich in naturally occuring flavonoids – highly absorbable by our organism.
You can take a capsule and then eat your orange or drink your juice if you want to.

Find out more about our vitamin C-olway


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