SLS soaps in toothpastes

SLS soaps are also a common ingredient in most of the toothpastes, even in toothpastes for children. They are there to create a foaming action.

Research shows that those can be linked to two things:

  • canker sores (mouth ulcers)
  • bad breath

Canker sores can be quite a nuisance, we usually get them when we bite or injure the inside of our mouth with hard food like freshly baked roll. SLS is a chemical that creates a microscopic damage to the oral tissue of our mouth, which triggers canker sores.

We do not really need SLS in the toothpaste, there are other ingredients, non-irritant, which can be used instead. Besides to clean well we don’t really need lots of foam. Instead soap may leave you with a feeling of dryness in your mouth, and dryness is one of the factors leading to bad breath.

I am using the following toothpastes which are SLS-free:

  • Elmex toothpaste for children (for my daughter)
  • Sensodyne

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